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"To rise, side by side, through empowerment."



What we do

Viking Strength Sports is a boutique training facility located on East Broad St. in downtown Savannah. We specialize in powerlifting, strength building, olympic lifting, figure/bodybuilding, and general lifestyle fitness.


In our facility you'll find a selection of snacks, energy drinks, and coffee to power you through your training session. In addition, you'll find branded merchandise SO COOL you're guaranteed to hit PRs when you wear it. We offer everything from tee shirts to hats, deadlift socks, stickers and more. 


Overall, our main goal is to EMPOWER every individual who walks through our door. We want to change people physically and mentally. We want to show YOU that you can conquer any obstacle no matter the size. 

Anything is possible with enough mental fortitude. 


Sign up today. Become a part of our family, Team Viking.


Whatever your goal is, we want to help you get there. You have found your fitness family. We rise up together. We are a team and you are a member of that team as soon as you join.









"I’ve been training on and off on my own for years, and recently went searching for a trainer so that I could go to the next level and compete in physique competitions and found Nate, a VERY knowledgeable source. We knew each in passing at the Vitamine Shoppe and he gave me great advice on supplements and started me on the path. About two weeks ago I started training with him, and the first thing I noticed is that he is very adaptable. With my wife, he is kinder and pushes her gently to her limits which is the way she needs trained. With me, he is A LOT more strict. Which is exactly how a future body builder should be trained. I also require a lot of attention ask a lot of questions because the strictness of my plans and every time Nate is “Jonny-on-the-Spot” with all the information I need or motivation. I subscribe to his nutrition and work out plan and I could not be happier with my choice of trainer. Definitely recommend 100/10"


"Nate is a wonderful trainer. I have been powerlifting for about 3 years and since hiring Nate I have gotten so much stronger. I love the ease of using his mobile app to track my workouts. Nate is always there when I need anything, even if it’s just someone to listen to me whine about my workout. When I decided to change my fitness goals he redid my whole plan without a second thought. He is more than just a trainer now, he is a great friend."


"Nate has been training me since October of 2018 and what an awesome experience! He is knowledgeable, caring, and such an awesome friend! He makes every new client feel welcomed and everyone on the team helps and motivate eachother to hit that next PR. I have always felt welcomed to the team and I have gotten stronger throughout this process. Trust in the process. Trust Nate and you will reach your fitness goals"

Nate and Katt


213 East Broad St.

Savannah, GA 31401

Tel: 912-304-3044



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